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Parachain-agnostic architecture connects you to the best IDOs from all of Polkadot.

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Dedicated to Every Community Member

Polkapad is a platform for the community, about the community. Coming from different parts of the Polkadot cluster, pursuing different goals, our users can be sure their needs are met. Here’s how:

Fairness First

Polkapad is all about fairness for all. Equipped with tools to favor newcomers and middle-sized tickets

Pre-Selected Projects

The first batch of projects for the IDO platform is already here. They are carefully picked to only include those that are physically necessary on Polkadot, and positioned to make a long-term impact

We are a HUB

Polkapad is not only launching products. It is also taking part in their development, collaborating in marketing activities, community-building and integrations.

Quotes of Our Advisers and Supporters

Developed wisely, Polkapad will allow teams to concentrate on their value proposition instead of marketing and such.

Nick Volf
Nick Volf

Gear CEO

We are honored to work with the talented team of Polkapad. They are brining value to unit the community of Polkadot, we are very excited for their vision. Polkapad’s unique proposition is bringing together new Polkadot infrastructure and making sure such infrastructure is the most critical and that it’s deeply integrated.



Polkapad has an ambitious goal: bringing the Polkadot community to a single place, connecting its fragmented branches, and together deciding on where we all want to move. I’m glad to support this kind of vision.

Jacob Zhao
Jacob Zhao

Portfolio manager at HashKey Capital

Waitlist Now And Get Up To 50% Allocation Bonus

Launch the Polkapad dApp and register your account to get on the waiting list. The users who connect their wallets and pass KYC will receive a guaranteed allocation.

Polkapad's Token Distribution

Polkapad’s PLPD tokens will be distributed in batches. See below:

Seed Round


Private Round


Kusama Distribution


Parachain Distribution


Marketing and Liquidity




Polkapad's Roadmap

Browse through tabs to see what is next for Polkapad.

Referral Program

A referral program is coming for Polkapad – where all users will be able to refer friends for rewards and bigger allocations.

We are developing a unique multi-level program with rewards that improve the user’s experience with Polkapad.

The referral program starts in Q3 2022.

Whitelisting Stage

As we accumulate an early community, we will open admissions to the whitelist.

The number of spots on the whitelist will be limited, so there will be an element of competition between users.

The users will compete for scores, get ranked, and the winners will receive a guaranteed allocation.

The whitelist opens in Q3 2022.

Ambassadors Room

Ambassadors Room is a platform where the most active community members will gain access to more activities and complete more specific quests for greater benefits.

Everyone from our community will be eligible for admission to the Ambassadors Room, but only a select few will get in.

They will work closely with the Polkapad’s core team.

The Ambassadors Room launches in Q3 2022.

Gamification Platform

Every Polkapad community member will have an opportunity to complete gamified quests, contribute to the development of Polkapad in some way or the other, and receive rewards for their activity.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the program for more details!

Launch in Q3 2022.

Polkapad Academy

Polkapad Academy is our effort to provide free and relevant education to the community.

The courses will consist of comprehensive blockchain knowledge, Polkadot specifics, as well as investment specifics. We aim to bring top-level knowledge on these topics to a single place, presented by the top names in the Polkadot community.

Our ultimate goal is growing the community’s expertise in what comes to assessing, investing in, and contributing to projects.

The first Academy content is coming out in Q2 2022.

First Projects on Polkapad

We have accumulated a batch of products waiting to be listed among the first on Polkapad.

Our approach for the first period: these are not simply products that look cool – these are the necessary infrastructure that is still missing from Polkadot.

With this careful approach we will ensure the first featured products set the high mark.

Announcement soon!

The first IDO will be listed in Q4 2022.

Join Waiting List Now!

Check your mailbox often! Before the launch, we will keep you up with activity, quests, and rewards.

Get Your Guaranteed Allocation!

All Waiting List accounts receive a guaranteed allocation on the Polkapad token sale.

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Have Any Questions?

Look through our FAQ section.

How is Polkapad different from other launchpads?

Polkapad is the first launchpad for Polkadot-based projects based on Heterogeneous Multi-Chain Technology – in line with Polkadot’s vision. Polkapad is parachain-agnostic, meaning that the entire launch process is seamless and straightforward, regardless of the project’s native parachain.

What are the fairness features of Polkapad?

Polkapad’s focus is fairness for all participants. The fairness features include a regressive allocation model, which favors newcomers and middle-sized tickets; dynamic staking; guaranteed allocations, etc. Please read our Whitepaper for more.

When will the first IDOs appear on Polkapad?

The first IDOs are up for listing in Q4 2022. Please follow Polkapad’s announcements to keep yourselves updated!

What are the benefits and rewards for community members?

Polkapad will feature a robust multi-level system of rewards, including rewards for completing community quests, bonuses for referrals, and unique rewards for ambassadors and early members.

How will Polkapad select which projects to list?

Polkapad selects its projects rigorously. The ones to be listed are not simply the ones that look cool – they are the necessary infrastructure that is still missing from Polkadot.
With this approach, Polkapad will ensure its featured projects set a high mark.

When will the Polkapad's native token come out?

The Polkapad token is coming out soon. First, Polkapad will publish its smart contract and then announce all the details about the token generation event. Please follow the announcements!


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