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First Polkadot Launchpad. Smoothen your road to a successful launch!

Multi-chain architecture connects your project to the interested community from all of Polkadot.

Supported by funds:

The First Polkadot-Native Launchpad

Polkapad lets you access and connect to all the Polkadot parachains.

Build yourself a high-quality community across the Polkadot cluster!

Connection to the Polkadot Community

Easy Technical Integration

Instant Liquidity After Launch

PR & Marketing Support

Connect to Your Target Community Across All Polkadot

Polkapad brings together interested community from all around the Polkadot cluster.

Connect to Pools From Any Parachain

Pools from all parachains will strengthen your token generation event.

Integrate With Other Parachains Seamlessly

Launch your project on any parachain and be able to interconnect with all the rest.

Launch On a Future-Proof Platform

Polkapad is built with future in mind – and so are the projects that launch here. Join to stand the test of time.

Community First: Access the Strong Hands of Polkadot

Polkapad ensures you reach out to your desired community. Coming from all around the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem, this audience will be as wide as possible.

Collect the critical mass of community members early on.

Secure demand for your project from the get-go.

Rely on Polkapad for community-building support.

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Quotes of Our Advisers and Supporters

Developed wisely, Polkapad will allow teams to concentrate on their value proposition instead of marketing and such.

Nick Volf
Nick Volf

Gear CEO

We are honored to work with the talented team of Polkapad. They are brining value to unit the community of Polkadot, we are very excited for their vision. Polkapad’s unique proposition is bringing together new Polkadot infrastructure and making sure such infrastructure is the most critical and that it’s deeply integrated.



Polkapad has an ambitious goal: bringing the Polkadot community to a single place, connecting its fragmented branches, and together deciding on where we all want to move. I’m glad to support this kind of vision.

Jacob Zhao
Jacob Zhao

Portfolio manager at HashKey Capital

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