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If you’re wondering how the crypto community finds new exciting projects, it’s simple. The main pathway for a crypto enthusiast is launchpads. They check upcoming projects and allow promising ones to launch through their platform. And the community can bid on a new project with the potential for significant growth. Generally, launchpads are community-building platforms that offer members to join new crypto and blockchain products at an early stage (usually after some traction but before the project is widely known to the general public). Early investors often multiply their funds.

There are two types of launchpads nowadays: 

  • – specific blockchain-oriented;
  • – multi-blockchain-oriented.

Every launchpad is trying to fill in a niche. Polkapad’s mission is to create a community for the Polkadot ecosystem. This is one of the most promising developments in the crypto sphere, launched by Ethereum’s co-founder Gavin Wood. Polkadot’s mission is to achieve scalability in transactions for Web3 with an astonishing level of interoperability between blockchains.

One of the core ideas is to divide all operations between industry-specific parachains (layer-1 blockchains) over the universal relay chain (layer-0) that provides security and interoperability between parachains.

Polkadot has a mechanism of investing in new projects connected to its ecosystem blockchains (parachains) by participating in auctions for winning limited slots. These auctions benefit big investors who can participate in new parachain launches, but it comes at an extremely high entry cost. This setup does not help launch dApps, which are smaller and have different needs. Not every project has to be a parachain (AKA industry-specific blockchain) rather than a dApp (game, file-sharing network, social media platform, etc.).

Launching useful dApps is extremely important to the development of the whole ecosystem, but so far Polkadot doesn’t have the tools to help them develop and flourish. There needs to be another option to raise funds and engage with the Polkadot community, other than the large parachain auctions that take place every 3 months.

Polkapad: the launchpad for the Polkadot ecosystem

Polkapad aims to be the first specific launchpad platform for Polkadot in its classic interpretation, where developers can gain new users, and the community can join interesting projects. Polkapad provides its expertise and intelligence to find the best products out there and launch them to the wider Polkadot community. Polkadot finally gets access to an intelligent selection of promising dApps that are still largely missing from the ecosystem. And startups get the support of a smart and engaged community interested in thoughtful participation, which no money can buy.

We help with marketing, tech, token mechanics, and community-building strategy. And allow you to develop a successful project with natural and sustainable growth.

In simple terms, here’s how it works:

  • – A startup provides seeds.
  • – A community provides water.
  • – A launchpad finds the most fruitful seeds and grows them into a garden that can provide all the participants with golden apples.
Source: Polkapad Whitepaper, Figure 3

Polkapad aims to help the next cohort of developers kickstart the most exciting crypto projects for Polkadot. Our launchpad welcomes you into a ready community around which you can center your product, test MVP and kickstart sustainable growth.

In March 2022, Grayscale launched a new fund called Grayscale® Smart Contract, consisting of 8 tokens. One of them is Polkadot, with a share of around 14%. Keep in mind that Polkadot is already a top 10 crypto project with a market capitalization of $19 trillion. Yet, Grayscale analysts think that smart contract platforms are still underestimated and will continue to grow. And we can help you grow with it!

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