Polkapad proudly presents Grabber – an innovative smart token distribution platform

The Polkapad team is pleased to present a new product on the blockchain market – Grabber – a global provider of applied on-chain data for token & community distribution. Our solution allows you to form a sustainable community that can not only finance the project at the initial stage, but also build a long term support.

Grabber is a unique solution that allows you to connect projects and targeted users based on their previous on-chain activities.

The business-model stands on the idea of building a community of ‘quality’ users for projects, based on the users’ experience. What we do in Grabber is analyze users’ previous on-chain activity using open source data of their wallets and match them with the enterprises that fit their interests. We call it scoring. For instance, users who have multiple GameFi tokens are most likely going to be interested in a gaming project.

Start-ups get access to selected users and independently decide how to incentivize those who can become the basis of the community and support the token. 

Grabber also provides its clients with instruments for token claim.

Grabber implementation allows us to:

1. Create a more effective allocation distribution system

2. Expand launchpad capabilities and move onto a fully multi-chain approach

3. Discover new interesting projects and match them with involved communities

‘In the current market situation, the approach to token distribution can be a real challenge for the team. Projects spend large budgets on marketing, market making and incentivization, but this does not always bring the desired result. The average conversion to users is extremely small.

Zero motivation traffic, scoring based on on-chain activity and target groups without bounty hunters will help turn the situation around and significantly increase the utility of project tokens.’, – Sharif Karmo, CEO Grabber.

Friends, don’t worry! You are not losing us! Polkapad levels up to Grabber, and we keep developing our project at full swing! We will continue to share the most interesting industry news and insights. We are only refocusing on the airdrop and other token distribution options, but you will also learn much-much more!

Lots of love,

Grabber Team


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