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Decentralized applications have been booming in recent years and their popularity continues to grow. While competition in the dApp market space is increasing, creators continue to search for new practical ways to launch and develop. Polkapad is ready to assist in early stages of development and launch for your project(s) based on Polkadot. Let’s figure out why Polkapad is the best solution for your project.

What is Polkapad?

Polkapad is a launchpad that collects all active members from the parachains providing them with the best dApps. It also helps dApps connect to the broader community rather than forking/testing every parachain available. In short, Polkapad serves as a one-stop base for all parachain (layer 1) based projects.

The main problem that Polkapad seeks to solve is that Polkadot delegates working with community and the dApp launches to the parachain itself, leading to community fragmentation. This prevents new dApps from connecting with a massive community from the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

For holders, Polkapad’s token provides the same value as DOT itself. But for the projects (dApps and layer 2) it represents the most active and engaged Polkadot community.

Polkapad’s mission is to provide the best products to the Polkadot community and help decentralized apps achieve a successful launch.

Major Goals

Polkapad’s goal is to create a unique model for the development of a specific project  serving its community through:

  • A technical level: Polkapad is parachain-agnostic thanks to XCM technology.
  • A regressive allocation model that prioritizes low-ticket users.
  • Employing a full distribution sale ticket method.
  • A dynamic staking model that uses only part of active holders.
  • Access to cross-parachain liquidity pools that include native connection pools with LP tokens providing an opportunity to impact the parachain circulation supply.


Polkapad is an assembly point for the Polkadot ecosystem that utilizes all of Polkadot’s core strengths:

  • Industry-specific parachains: choosing the best from the best for your dApp.
  • Heterogeneous multi-chain: an all-for-one wallet with the same signing place.
  • XCM: an easy migration from one layer 1 to another.
  • Reliable, safe and fast.
  • Continuously changing layer 1: your dApps will always have new infrastructure available.

Polkapad can help you with:


Polkapad is happy to participate in early stages of development for your decentralized application. It can also help you with a number of significant points where future development and success of your project will depend on. With this, we offer:

  1. A fair and transparent token distribution model.
  2. Communities interested in management tokens.
  3. High demand and a model for minting supply of your startup’s currency.
  4. Commitment from community members — with work, time and/or resources.
  5. A solution that allows participants to get their tokens quickly and use them freely.
  6. Bright and predictable future for your crypto project.

Creating a community

Building a community is a very important aspect to the development of any crypto startup. Polkapad will help you create a strong and stable community that will be interested in the future of the application. This includes community-first advantages in:

  • KYC to fight fakes and fraud. Safe development for dApps.
  • Commitment-based participation: users with best credibility are drawn to the best projects.
  • Deposit based sales: only people who staked their claim can participate. 

Working with Commitments and Encumbrances

Commitment can effectively fight with multi accounts and other fraud. It also provides a soft credibility check: the more funds a user has, the less likely he is to dump the new token as soon as he gets it.

In this community, when a buyer obtains Polkapad tokens, they can stake them. The more Polkapad tokens a user stakes, the more new projects’ tokens he is allowed to get. However, the proportion is not linear. To comply with the decentralization principle of crypto, Polkapad uses a regressive allocation model that prioritizes low-ticket users. Therefore, 10x of staked tokens will have less than 10x allocation power. However, long-term holding still favors early adopters due to increasing demand for tokens over time.

Another innovation Polkapad offers is allocation liquidity. Notably, an allocation can be resold as a digital asset within the launchpad before a new token goes live. Such flexibility helps to decrease one-moment sell pressure at TGE (Token Generation Event) and prevent rug pulls or panic sales.

Launchpad Solution

Launchpad is a platform that simply smoothens the path to success for startups. It provides a sustainable community, helps with token emission and marketing. In addition, launchpad works on a success fee model and often receives a commission in allocations. This helps startups save money for the team and improves their business.

Statistically, more than 85% of projects that start through launchpads show better results than those that try to do everything on their own. IDO launchpads show that almost no projects go to zero immediately after launch, and ATH ROI for many of them gets as high as 2500% or more.

Launchpads have become a place where everybody can benefit. Community finds projects they can put their trust in, and crypto startups find users interested in their technology. In this way, launchpads create authentic communities. Launchpads can also grow their community naturally, benefitting from other launchpad communities, blockchains communities, and new launching startups.

Advantages of the Launchpad:

  • The project can focus more on its core development goals.
  • Support from the launchpad in terms of tech and marketing.
  • Access to a thriving community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.

Benefits for Long-Term Participants

Long-term participants can be sure that their efforts will be rewarded. Over time, the best startups and crypto investors will gather around Polkapad. Polkapad will create a powerful ecosystem in which everyone will be able to grow together.

Long-term participants will benefit in such aspects as:

  1. Government pool.
  2. Easy connection to new parachains and their dApps.
  3. Transparent project and management model.

Benefits for Short-Term Participants

Short-term participants can be sure that the most promising and hyped projects will appear on Polkapad. And they will be possible to buy into from the very start. You will be able to become a part of the community of any project that you like, and start taking part in its development even before they launch. We have a clean ecosystem model, and we diligently vet the projects we allow on the platform, so everything is transparent and safe.

You will get:

  1. Dynamic staking.
  2. Tradeable allocations.
  3. Combined liquidity pools.
  4. Fair non-linear allocation model.


Polkapad is an ideal solution for launching a decentralized application based on Polkadot. By collaborating with Polkapad, you are coming one step closer to the future of the Web World. With Polkapad you can create a powerful dApp, with a strong community behind it, or invest in the best available products. Long-term token holders are able to influence a project’s development and benefit from a potential increase in token price. Short-term holders will be able to participate in new dApps launches or stake their tokens. Polkapad is the best solution for you, if you wish to be a part of Polkadot and Web 3.0.


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