Our Story

The very beginning

«Necessity is the mother of invention» (c) Plato

Our history begins with British scientist and blockchain enthusiast Gavin Wood. In 2013 he decided to leave Microsoft, where he held a steady and well-paying research job, to embark on an exciting journey. 

You might be just old enough to remember that in 2013 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were all the rage. People were talking about the promise and peril of digital money, yet very few experts have really thought about the implications of blockchain technology for the social and economic order.

Wood was among the first to put thought, time and money into researching the potential of blockchain networks. And in the process he came to understand that using blockchain infrastructure would unlock almost limitless possibilities for individuals and communities around the world. This would allow creators to obtain funding for almost any project while making it safe and decentralized due to the nature of the technology.

What blockchain was supposed to deliver was not only an opportunity to strike gold in crypto speculation. It could make it possible to create new products, decentralized apps, and create peer-to-peer transactions and interactions without middlemen. 

Along with Vitaly Buterin and others Wood started developing Ethereum and all the surrounding software infrastructure. Wood saw Ethereum as “one computer for the entire planet” the transaction system operating on a decentralized basis, thus making it immune to shutdowns. This project found recognition in Microsoft – and in 2016 the company introduced Ethereum software to its Azure cloud platform.

How we came to be

«The hidden harmony is better than the obvious» (с) Heraclitus

Ethereum made a splash in the crypto community – both in good and bad ways. There was some pushback by the Bitcoin community against the emergence of what they saw as a rivaling currency. As Wood put it, “There was a lot of bitcoin maximalism and there still is. It led to a very kind of toxic environment. We were just trying to push technology forward”.

The crown jewel of the Ethereum project was Solidity, programming language for smart contracts. However, there were issues surrounding this language: it was too complex for the average programmer to master and too casual to use it in building complex architectures. So, despite Ethereum success, Wood, now a multimillionaire, decided to leave the project and instead founded blockchain company Parity Technologies.

Parity used a different coding language – Rust. Rust proved to be much easier to learn than its predecessors and when it comes down to developing smart contracts it has shown incredible efficiency and potential.

Implementing Rust as Ethereum coding language reduced entry barriers for newcomers. This invited disruption, and made possible the emergence of many new decentralized applications from smaller teams.

Wood founded the non-profit Web3 Foundation dedicated to the idea of decentralized Internet – and created the open-source blockchain platform Polkadot.

Polkadot’s promise was to create a system for integrating different blockchains and allowing them to communicate with one another. It strived to end the existing fragmentation of web and blockchains, allowing interoperability and bridging the gap between different systems. We currently can not truly speak of the existence of «digital Ecumene» – as vested interests and technological limitations designed to serve them prevent that.

However, due to the nature of Polkadot, and its grand goal of connecting new chains (parachains) together, some nuances were lost. Smaller projects once again fell by the wayside. There was no effort put in to help them develop and find their niche. In a few years the ecosystem could start to look very shallow, with a few big players and nobody else. 

Enter PolkaPad.

Our purpose

«Don’t put your purpose in one place and expect to see progress made somewhere else» (c) Epictetus

Polkapad is a blockchain launchpad. It allows creators to find funds for their Polkadot projects and helps them reach a wider digital community. Its integration of different coding languages and blockchains makes it a perfect environment to develop new businesses and products. Polkapad is an effective and highly transparent platform, which allows bidding and staking on a massive scale. Entrepreneurs find their clients and supporters, and crypto investors find new promising projects they want to get involved with.

What does Polkapad offer

In short: an ecosystem. This ecosystem can dramatically improve funding, marketing and development of decentralized applications. The current level of platform’s optimization allows rapid scaling of projects, while making sure creators can interact with stakeholders and receive feedback.

Our calculation algorithm allows for fair redistributions of stakes according to the level of user’s influence. It allows potential investors to vote during the token auction, nominate the validators and participate in discussions related to the project’s development.

What you can do

«Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all» (с) Herodotus

Polkapad will help you where traditional banking, crowdfunding and venture capital funds fall short. Through integration with various blockchain systems, you can find employees, money, and community very quickly, while evading those who are looking only for short-term profit.

The potential perspectives of Polkapad and Polkadot as a whole are breathtaking. 

Can’t get past the first seeding round because your backers don’t believe in your project? You might find a better community here.

Don’t want to mess with current launchpads because of their red tapes, commissions, and nonsensical regulations? Try Polkapad, we are open to every crypto-entrepreneur willing to go to the next level.

Tired of looking for the next big thing in the vast ocean of crypto while finding only technologically-sophisticated underperformers? Check out Polkapad’s list of projects – it might be that the next best thing is already looking for its community.

Polkapad is the next logical step in the development of a decentralized economy. Become a part of it.


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