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Polkadot blockchain has one the most active communities with considerable funds. Acala won the first Polkadot auction with over 32.5 million DOT in votes, worth $1.28 billion at the time, from 24,934 contributors. Moonbeam won the second auction with votes worth $1.4 billion. There is a lot of money and interest here. However, this community needs to be accessed.

Polkapad and our team of professionals are ready to help you take your project to the Polkadot community. We will not only assist you with launching your Polkadot-based project but also accompany you in all stages of its development. 

Benefits of Launching a Project With Polkapad

When launching your project or dApp on Polkadot, especially by yourself, you may encounter many issues. The first issue is that on Polkadot you have to choose the perfect parachain for your needs. And you need to do it long before launch. How to choose the best one? Which one will suit you best?

Even more, community fragmentation between parachains can prevent dApp from connecting with future users. This may prevent you from establishing a community which could be broader than that of the native parachain.

Polkapad strives to solve all the problems associated with the development and launch of the project. With Polkapad, you get technical assistance, guidance, and all the tools you need to get the most out of launching your crypto project.

What Problems Can We Solve?

Polkapad team helps create a robust and transparent economics for the project, and gather an active community. We provide you with the best technologies and modern tokenomics that will suit your individual dApp case.

Polkapad offers:

  • – A fair and transparent token distribution model
  • – Appealing and predictable vesting schedule
  • – Demand and supply projections for the token
  • – Proper documents for users, investors and partners
  • – A robust solution for users to get their tokens quickly and use them freely
  • – Staking models.

Creating an Active Community

Community is the main factor that makes the project successful. The more people are involved in your project and are ready to follow it and help it flourish, the larger the project itself can become. Many apps, chains and protocols have been gathering their community for years, spending huge sums on advertising on social networks. But isn’t it more logical to connect all the interested people and all the projects in one place and give both what they want?

With Polkapad, you will immediately find your audience with which you can grow and develop. Why spend money on marketing when you can find your community right away, in one place? Polkapad strives to connect the right people to the right projects and give them both new opportunities.

Our main goals are:

  • – Helping projects in gathering more than the critical number of community members (typically more than 10x the projected number of future token holders)
  • – Helping in development of community platforms and guidelines
  • – Boosting the token’s popularity through community-building.

The Perfect Launch

Surely you know what a launchpad is and how effective it can be. Polkapad has a proprietary launchpad technology, and it is an excellent solution for any project seeking its audience. We work on a success fee model and receive a commission after the launch in tokens. You don’t need to spend cash, and you don’t need to spend anything before launch. Which helps you save money and make your product as good as it can be. With Polkapad, you can launch your project cheaper and with a higher chance of success.

How to Start a Collaboration With Us?

If you have a project or dApp that you want to develop, expand and launch, you can contact us by writing your request to this email:

Send us a request for a consultation, tell us about your project, and find out the details.


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