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Polkadot-powered decentralized applications have had a hard time hitting the market. Sat within its parachain, it is a dApp which accesses only that specific parachain’s community and enjoys little to no promotion mechanics. This is because the Polkadot network is fragmented by design, with every parachain developing independently. However, dApps do not have to be so fragmented.They can apply to multiple or all parachains, leverage communities and collaborators from the entire cluster, and do so much more. Had we had a channel to aggregate everything new that’s coming out across the entire Polkadot ecosystem, many more exciting dApps could have gained more recognition. That is why we created Polkapad.

Status Quo

Polkadot’s auctions are a great fundraising instrument and an assembly point for the community. People gather and decide what is best for the network’s future. Unfortunately, they are being dominated by large projects. There is simply no room for smaller applications in that type of format. Moreover, the auctions hugely benefit large investors – which is detrimental for dApps developing in large communities. As a result, we have many small venues within individual parachains, where, despite these dApps being accessible to communities, they’re still very niche.

Our View

We need a more flexible mechanism, where participation and activity would be critical – and where the entire Polkadot cluster can gather to collaborate. We need these projects to be represented before the broad public. We need them to be curated and highlighted to benefit the whole network. We need a Polkadot-community-wide launchpad.

Polkapad is a blockchain and dApps launchpad that allows creators to organize funding for their projects in the digital community. Its integration of different interaction tools and industry-specific blockchains makes it the perfect environment to develop new businesses and projects. It’s an effective and highly transparent platform which allows bidding and staking on a massive scale.

In most of the cases today the largest investors take a disproportionate share in projects, thus putting limitations on unaffiliated newcomers. In a typical situation, billionaires with big wallets come and buy 80% of stakes leaving others fighting for scraps. Our aim is to change that.

The Polkapad calculation algorithm allows for redistributions of stakes according to the level of user’s influence. Here you can vote during auctioning of tokens, nominate the validators and vote on the subjects related to the project development.


In short: Polkapad is an ecosystem that greatly improves the funding and development of Polkadot projects. The current level of the platform’s optimization allows rapid scaling of projects, while simultaneously helping creators interact with stakeholders and receive feedback.

Our ultimate vision for Polkapad is for it to become a single gateway to participate in developing the Polkadot ecosystem. Every Polkapad holder will be able to join the best projects on any Polkadot parachain, with a guaranteed allocation in the project. We have extensively given thought to our technology, enabling it to work with any solution on Polkadot, enable fair allocation distribution, and leverage the Polkapad and native parachain pools. We will work towards creating an assembly point for dApps and Layer-2, where the best projects can match the best communities.


The core value behind Polkapad is serving the broad community. We are a team of devoted Polkadot fans (and holders), and our priority is enhancing the network. We aim to bring the entire network closer together and interconnect the fragmented sub-communities by introducing innovative solutions that fit many parachains and different scenarios. We believe there are more interlinkages to be discovered in this vast and innovative network. That is why, long-term, we see Polkapad as a Polkadot-wide community-building hub.


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