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Our goal is to become an assembly point for new Polkadot infrastructure, gathering the entire Polkadot cluster to curate new developments.

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Meet our founder

Polkapad is developed by active members of the Polkadot community, passionate about contributing to it and serving it.

We are founded by Sharif Karmo, who is coming out of a venture investment background, and joined by cryptography, blockchain development, and marketing teams.


Sharif Karmo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Collaborate With Polkapad

Polkapad can become your launch site if you are building new Polkadot-powered infrastructure. Layer-2 and dApps on any parachain can collaborate.

Connect to your target community across all Polkadot

Integrate with other parachains seamlessly

Connect to pools from any native parachain

Launch with a future-proof community-centered platform

Get a Stake at Polkadot’s Future

Polkapad offers an assembly point for new Polkadot-powered projects across all its parachains. With the Polkapad token, decide on and support the best of them.


One Polkadot-wide community to decide on projects, parachain-agnostic thanks to XCM.

Fair distribution

Equipped with dynamic staking and regressive allocation models to treat everyone fairly.

Heterogeneous multi-chain

Interconnected with parachain-native pools, positively impacting the parachain tokens circulation.

Powered by Technology, Governed by Community

Polkapad is among the most structurally advanced launchpads – to bring more opportunities and more fairness.

Dynamic staking

Tradeable allocations

Combined pools

Government pool

Easy connection to new parachains

Fairer non-linear allocation model

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Have Any Questions?

Look through our FAQ section.

How is Polkapad different from other launchpads?

Polkapad is the first launchpad for Polkadot-based projects based on Heterogeneous Multi-Chain Technology – in line with Polkadot’s vision. Polkapad is parachain-agnostic, meaning that the entire launch process is seamless and straightforward, regardless of the project’s native parachain.

What are the fairness features of Polkapad?

Polkapad’s focus is fairness for all participants. The fairness features include a regressive allocation model, which favors newcomers and middle-sized tickets; dynamic staking; guaranteed allocations, etc. Please read our Whitepaper for more.

When will the first IDOs appear on Polkapad?

The first IDOs are up for listing in Q4 2022. Please follow Polkapad’s announcements to keep yourselves updated!

What are the benefits and rewards for community members?

Polkapad will feature a robust multi-level system of rewards, including rewards for completing community quests, bonuses for referrals, and unique rewards for ambassadors and early members.

How will Polkapad select which projects to list?

Polkapad selects its projects rigorously. The ones to be listed are not simply the ones that look cool – they are the necessary infrastructure that is still missing from Polkadot.
With this approach, Polkapad will ensure its featured projects set a high mark.

When will the Polkapad's native token come out?

The Polkapad token is coming out soon. First, Polkapad will publish its smart contract and then announce all the details about the token generation event. Please follow the announcements!


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