Polkadot Fundraising Hub

HMC (Heterogeneous Multi-Chain) Launchpad, matching the best new products with their relevant communities, parachain-agnostic.


An assembly point for Polkadot-powered projects, across all parachains

Aggregating the best Layer-2 and dApp launches across all Polkadot parachains in a single point. Forming a community around progress – and helping the best new projects reach their best audiences.

Investment hub

Polkadot-wide investment community and self-regulating fundraising platform


Interconnecting the fragmented parachain communities around innovation


XCM-powered technology, facilitating connectivity to all parachains on Polkadot


Managed by the Polkadot community, supported by community organizations

Fair allocation model

Favoring middle-sized tickets and newcomers

Dynamic staking

Using only a part of active holders

Combined pools

Polkapad + native parachain pools working together

An Advanced Launchpad

We understand the Polkadot community requires much more than your usual launchpad may provide. Our technology covers that ask.

Tradable allocations

Can be resold as digital assets

Connectable to new parachains

Thanks to easy, future-proof design

Government pool

Take control with the PLPD token

We Are Launching Soon!

Here are some ways to participate in Polkapad’s development as we prepare for launch:

If you are building Polkadot infrastructure

We are looking for partners among Layer-2 and dApps on Polkadot to feature their launches on our platform.

If you can collaborate and contribute

We are open to partner with all organizations within the Polkadot community. Reach out to us to discuss.

If you want to become a future user

We will be hosting a token-generation event for early users. You can make your contribution and receive Polkapad tokens to stake and vote.

Collaborate With Polkapad

If you are about to launch new Polkadot-powered infrastructure, apply to partner with Polkapad on early bird terms. Layer-2 and dApps on any parachain can apply.

Become a Part
of Our Community

Join Polkapad as we are about to launch to make your contribution and enjoy early bird preferences.

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Have Any Questions?

Look through our FAQ section.

How is Polkapad different from other launchpads?

Polkapad is the first launchpad for Polkadot-based projects based on Heterogeneous Multi-Chain Technology – in line with Polkadot’s vision. Polkapad is parachain-agnostic, meaning that the entire launch process is seamless and straightforward, regardless of the project’s native parachain.

What are the fairness features of Polkapad?

Polkapad’s focus is fairness for all participants. The fairness features include a regressive allocation model, which favors newcomers and middle-sized tickets; dynamic staking; guaranteed allocations, etc. Please read our Whitepaper for more.

When will the first IDOs appear on Polkapad?

The first IDOs are up for listing in Q4 2022. Please follow Polkapad’s announcements to keep yourselves updated!

What are the benefits and rewards for community members?

Polkapad will feature a robust multi-level system of rewards, including rewards for completing community quests, bonuses for referrals, and unique rewards for ambassadors and early members.

How will Polkapad select which projects to list?

Polkapad selects its projects rigorously. The ones to be listed are not simply the ones that look cool – they are the necessary infrastructure that is still missing from Polkadot.
With this approach, Polkapad will ensure its featured projects set a high mark.

When will the Polkapad's native token come out?

The Polkapad token is coming out soon. First, Polkapad will publish its smart contract and then announce all the details about the token generation event. Please follow the announcements!


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